Indy Urban Youth Music Academy

Pledge to Our Families

“The Indy Urban Youth Music Academy aims to
ensure that every student can participate in our
programming. We understand the wide range of
individual financial circumstances and offer payment
plans as well as scholarship opportunities for
qualifying youth ages 5 to 19.”

– Kim Kenny (Founder)

Private Instruction
Primary and Specialty

36 weeks, 4 sessions a month

(Ages K-12, Freshman in College)
Students can choose one track or a hybrid track of two instruments. Students receive individualized instruction that is designed to meet students where they are and groom them to mastery. The primary and specialty tracks include a bi weekly group music theory session and performance studio. Students in will also receive the opportunity to perform in recital and a summer showcase.

Enrollment Fee


Tuition Payment Options:

  • In full payment of $891.00 due the beginning of lesson season.
  • Partial payment made of $481.50 due at the beginning of lesson season and following payment due at the second half of lesson season.
  • Monthly payment made of $115.00 due on the 15th of each month.
Track Options:
28 weeks, 3 one on one sessions
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Strings
  • Arts Career and College Readiness
Exposure Track Offerings:
21 weeks, 3 one on one sessions
  • Basic Keyboard Skills
  • Ear Training
  • Beginner Level Vocal Technique
  • Group Music Theory and Music Appreciation sessions

The Lena Heffner Scholarship
of Musical Excellence Award

Created to honor the memory of Lena Heffner, parent of an Indy Urban Youth alum Dreshon Wilson. Lena lost her life after a battle with Covid, in 2020. She was a loving mother, sister and friend to many! A lover of music and an avid supporter of the arts and arts education for urban youth. Lena could be found at every concert supporting her son along with other student performers vigorously!

Qualifying students must:

-Complete Application
-Submit audition video (guidelines sent separately)
submit student impact statement along with a 3-5 minute guided video interview
Attend virtual or in person interview with executive village members