Our Story

Founded in 2018 by a former music teacher, Kim Kenny Green started Indy Urban Youth as an inspirational community choir. The choir brought students of all walks of life together to display the power of joy and inspiration to audiences large and small. The ensemble had the reputation of unique performances that wove together shared passion, fun and exciting original repertoire, and radiant young voices into a sound that transformed audiences.

As time went on, students became interested in pursuing artistic careers and university level study. The choir evolved to offer one-on-one lessons to further enrich students who were interested in personal development or in preparation for college auditions. With this mentorship students were empowered to not only express themselves creatively as individual artists, but also pursue education credentials to impact future youth. Students began to not only see the personal results but also take ownership in HOW and WHAT they learned. “We found that our success not only lies within the sense of community we cultivate but rather, in how students felt represented.” says Kenny.

Today, the program has expanded its reach significantly by offering in school group music classes for students K-12, community arts initiatives, a summer recording choir experience, and virtual private lessons studio.